A New Beginning and my Guide to break ups .

so the last crappy blog i wrote was just too god damned serious and self derogatory so yeah this one wont be that sad this is probably gonna be better and more humane so lets not waste any more time and jump into this thing.


BEAK UPS!!! lord knows they suck its literally like the Breaking of love and hearts and all the other rainbow bullshit.

So anyways i have this friend he’s pretty much the one guy that made me half the guy i am today , now this guy loved a girl and the girl loved him back but then it all got messy and then it got even more dirty coz INDIANS CANNOT BREAK UP REGULARLY.  Just like we did with our overtly complex religious and education systems we have to screwup the act of breaking up a screwed up relationship .

now i have formed these rules after years (minutes) of research and hardwork (google and youtube )  And i hope they benefit all u people out there.

AND THE RULES ARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1- NEVER EVER DO IT OVER THE PHONE !!! – Being indians the art of cheapness runs through our veins but come the fuck on people if u have spent a good chunk of time with someone have the decency to actually Break someones heart over a cup of coffe and straight to their face . and if u cant do that immediately Wait. Dont fucking call em and say ,”Hi babe just called up to dump you . k bye ” ……. if u do that u deserve to be ripped apart into 2 equal halves.

2- MAKE THE REASONS CLEAR !!! – This one is for the women . Do not leave the poor bastard thinking how he screwed stuff up when in reality ur breaking up over something that none of you planned to do. And once uve made ur point listen to the other person. let them vent it all out ur breaking their heart the guy/girl deserves to scream and swear at u for the last time.

3- DO NOT PUSSY OUT !!!!! – Ive done this soo many times that i can write a novel about it. When in the middle of a dumping the dump-ee will try to convince the dump-er on how he/she is making the wrong call and how bad this is . but remember , ur doing it for a reason and plus even if u pussy out at that stage the relationship has already been dented and the whole power dynamic comes into play and that will most likely lead into fights of epic proportions and ull end up hating each other

4- BREAK ALL SOCIAL CONTACT !!!! – this one is more important for the dump-ees cause the dump-er will most likely suggest the idea of being friends after the break up so that if he/she cant find someone better they always have the dump-ee to come back to . its just human nature and we all know we always have our back ups. anyways if u just got dumped break off all contact with the other person coz if u dont ull always be hung up on somebody that you used to know and wont acknowledge the fact that he/she dumped you.

5- FOR THE COUPLES THAT TAKE A BREAK !!! – ITS OVER FOLLOW STEP 4 AND END IT . its a relationship not a bottle of wine that”ll mature and work out its problems on its own in a couple of months . Seriously there is no such thing as ending on a happy note Grow up switch off the disney channel and GROW A PAIR to take that step

6- DO NOT SAY SHIT ABOUT THE OTHER PRSON!!!!! – This is for  all you assholes out their that collectively ruin the reputation of all men. U loved her/him you had something beautiful together but its over now so dont hate on the other person coz all ur doing is tarnishing all those memories. And it wont make you look better . coz at the end of the day if the other person didnt cheat on you then probably he/she still has a soft corner for you that will never ever go away.

7- MOVE ON. – theres a million ways a million people will suggest . but at the end of the day everyone is different . have a quick rebound pick up the pieces and become a better person.

– bhavya verma


3 thoughts on “A New Beginning and my Guide to break ups .

  1. Break-Ups are your area of expertise, aren’t they?
    I’m glad you started writing, for this will help you explore all those crazy layers of your even crazier personality.

    Though I don’t hope you write much, only bad incidents inspire the writer in us. Now I don’t want that 😀

    And yes there were grammatical mistakes. -_-


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