Kissing. Is. Weird.

Ok before you think im an anti romantic just hear me out. I love romance,  Hell i live for the chase. But kissing is weird as fuck!

We literally put our tounges in to the throat of the person we love. Wtf??  I dont know what kind of stuff you eat? I dont know if you brushed your teeth!!
I remember i went to this thing with my then gf and on the way back she got motion sickness and puked. And an hour later after the residual puke had marinated her breath we kissed. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK?


I mean kissing is beautiful and stuff but i dont know how u can have hour long make out sessions. The thought itself makes me wanna stick a knife in my eye. I mean when u kiss u literally make a really long tube with assholes at both ends. And i can share my life with tgat special someone but not my digestive system >_<

I kniw most people won’t agree with me but tell me one thing. Do u really,  really, really “enjoy” kissing? I know its symbolic for showing your love and stuff but fuck that.  Do you really REALLY enjoy putting your tongue in someone else’s mouth while they eat up yours?

Seriously though.  I think kissing is beautiful and awesome and we should always snog the women / men we love but…. Still…………..who invented that in the first place?  French people?  Whta was the initial idea? Taking the food out of you womans mouth?  Mmmhhh sexy 😉  OR was it a mode of actually cosnnecting two people for life?  (Human centipede anyone???)

Again as ive said a billion times i dont hate kissing i just find it peculiar the same way i think feet are weird…. But more on that later 😛



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