Rain on a chef coat.

8:40.  I was still sleepy when i started to walk out my room like a zombie.  Somehow i managed to get dressed and go out the door to attend the food production lecture.
I managed to go half way to college and then i felt it.  A cold drop of water hit my cheek and woke me up then came the sound of the rolling thunder. And All i could think was.  Well fuck me. So i kept walking to college in the blistering cold for another 2 minutes and before i knew it.  It was raining like a Bollywood music video and my favourite chef coat was soaked.
So i decided to head back home,  slowly,  coz its moments like these that make me wonder what is it that really makes us alive? Working 9-5 or stopping to see the fireflies??

The only reason i wanted to be a chef was because i didn’t think i was smart enough to be a doctor. But am i that passionate about cooking? Am i willing to work hard everyday in a thankless job for the rest of my life? Even if im not am i ready to be a burden on my parents and use my dads hard earned money to get into a private college..  Its days like these that make u think hard.  Its days like this one that make you believe in yourself just a little bit more. And now as im running out of words i guess im gonna ask everyone reading this one simple question.

Are you in tbe process of becoming the  best you can be?



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