Can love be unnatural?

Im sitting here starting at my laptops screen and wondering what to write about so i guss im just gona wing this one into the stigma against gay people in India.

For a writer that loves to rant this is actually a very ripe topic it has everything,  oppression, unjust laws   mindset issues and a lot of first hand everyday experience.

So let me start with a little story that i have been a part of.
So back when college started i made like 8 friends on the first day and one of them had this air about him… And as we got to know him better we realised he was not just an asshole but a metrosexual asshole….  And everyone started calling him gay as if it was an insult.. I mean i knew everyone hated him because he was… Well…  Him but why did they call him gay?

I guess in our country we are all taught to be manly men that provide and care for their families . Our cinema teaches us that love is heterosexual. In the full history of Bollywood in pretty sure that there have only been 2 –  3 movies that have depicted The LGBT community in a positive light and usually everything about gay characters is stereotyped to the limits.

Who doesnt remember rishi kapoor in student of the year or dostana.  Motherfucking. dostana. that shit was just sickening.

I know gay people who are happy with their partners, who live normal lives that involve the same hardships everyone faces and some more

It was all tolerable until the supreme court passed the article 377 and said being gay is unnatural and illegal.

Just let that sink in.

How would you feel if some 160 year old government official who still believes that women that dress up inappropriately are responsible for rapes,  calls you unnatural and labels you a deviant?

I know that not a lot of people read my blog but to all that do.  Stop teasing ur friends by calling them gay.  Stop making fun of gay people. Stop laugjing at the god forsaken shitty jokes in Bollywood about gay people.

A gay man loving another man is no bloody different than a straight man loving a girl.

Love is love it cant be unnatural.
So the next time you call someone gay just to make fun of him or you target a Homosexual man or woman just for being different than you.  Take a good look at yourself and just think what if you were put on the flip side of things
How would you feel?

We cant just complain about things and hope for change we gotta make that shit happen.  So be the change yourself.  Stop the prejudice and hate. And for gods sake be a human being.



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