The concept of home is pretty strange.

What makes a place your home? Your loved ones? A feeling of belonging? Emotional attachment? or is home some place where youve stayed long enough?

For me its always been about the feeling of belonging.
In delhi… I live in a pg without any roommates or anything i spend all my time in delhi in that one room and sometimes when im talking the owrd home slips out from my mouth and i end up saying no no not home i meant pg.

But when im back in ambala with my parents in that familiar house with all those childhood memories it feels like home for like 3 days at the most coz i guess thats how life works. You grow old move out and buils a new home for yourself.  And as i sit alone in this stupid bus,  looking out of this window lined with rust, on my way back to home where i havnt been for so very long… i feel happy and all my mid says is youre going home man

But thats the same thing its gonna say when i come back 2 days later.

I guess the concept is relative its not about whos around you or where you are its all about that feeling of familiarity and happiness. You can live in a house for 17 years with your family but all it takes one day of epic bad luck to turn your state of mind into a wreck that will make you question yourself. Is this where i belong?

And the people that haven’t moved out yet might not get the whole point of this
Post but this is what you go through when you leave the nest.
So i guess the age old statement is true
“Home is where your heart is” but then again everyones heart doesnt beat the same.



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