Swan song.

He stepped onto the stage.  With his band for one last time…. picking that bass up, he knew this was his last chance.

He hit the first note a g major on his black winged esp. It sounded a little off like a man on death row patiently waiting for his inevitable demise.

The first few bars were great the drums came in followed by the guitars it was epic the crowd loved it and he smiled as he started moving his mouth and the worda started to come out it was great the melody the lyrics who wouldve thought a bunch of stoners from a small town could write like that. He saw his best friend in the crowd cheering on for him. Everybody knew this was the last time they would be together but they were going out with a bang a big one. The song was well received and they ended it with a crazy drum solo.

And the guitar player looked at him and said hey g d e c.  Hit it.  And so he told the crowd the name of the song and also that this was the last song he was gonna sing in the school.  This was it his swan song. Their. Swan song.

The guitar boomed and so did the drums he had little moist drop of watwr in his eye as he started singing. He unplugged the bass and put it aside going back to the mic and continued singing the crowd loved it it they had to the song was bloody epic. Two teachers got up from their seat to come up to the stage to dance a little.  The last verse came in. Everyone could see he was losing it. He choked a little but continued the effort and the last line came out of his mouth.  The sound was easy to produce,  the guitarist hit the last note and the drummer hit the cymbal. The song was over but the hardest riff the hardest stretch the hardest rhythm was left.  They came to the front of the stage visibly upset took a bow and then he picked the mic up one last time and with teary eyes amd broke heart he said, “goodbye people,  thank you soo much and that, is a wrap”. And as they stepped off the stage they knew life would never be the same.



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