My hero.

The kid went to his dad and said.. Why dont you get something for yourself??  And he said son buying you a video game or a phone or anything that makes you happy means more to me than anything else.

Fathers are probably the most underrated people ever. All the credit is given to the whole “maa ki mamta, moms guidance” etc etc and i know that, that stuff is pure gold. But what all songs,  books and senti articles forget to mention is the part the father has in a childs life. I for one have this ideology to someday be just as awesome as my dad….

My father is a self made man. He has seen every hardship i can only dream of and still he can stand proud and say that he has risen above it all. He lost his guidance when he was very young. And he made himself the man he is today. We might fight sometimes. But if today you ask me whos the one person that is the basis of all i am today.. Its him. He once told me that he wanted to give me everything he couldnt get as a child. And that statement still gives me the chills…  Hes lived a tough life  but he did make sure me or my sister never see anything harsh in our lives.

I still remember this one fight we had a few years ago. Things got really out of hand and the next morning he came up to me and said, ” beta..mat lada kar itna. Patience boht important hai.”
The only time i ever saw him shed a tear was the day i moved out. A man in his 40’s crying when his son moved out is an image thats more moving than anything you’ll ever see. To this day when i go home he purposely delays me just so i miss the afternoon bus and leave at dusk instead. Every week i dont go back home, all i can think of is..  Crap yaar papa se mil nhi paunga…

And if i become half the man my dad is ill be able to say that I have become something huge.

If you ever read this papa. I love you. I might not say it enough but you are everything to me.


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