Counting stars.

I talk to my old friends.. My best friends. People i grew up with. People that have seen me turn into what i am. But ever since ive left ambala theres a coldness all around the way i look at them. It isn’t necessarily new,  its just a lot stronger now.

Ambala is like a broken record it keeps playing itself on a loop. The people too, are stuck in a loop. Its been half a year since i left the city. But when i go back, i realize, nothing, absolutely nothing has changed. The people dont grow, the thought process doesnt expand, some of my friends are all stuck in the same rut that theyve been complaining about since the past 10 years.

Maybe i never liked the place, maybe its just the whole lack of things to do there.. Maybe its simply because of the typical small town mentalities found in all stores and eateries. Atleast for the people i know, its still all about who’s trying to woo whom or who bought which car or who is the top dog. No one seems to be going anywhere,  but still somehow all of them keep on moving forward.

Frankly im glad i left that place behind me. Its given me a shitload of memories,  but i know that all those memories are botched with stains of me wondering why the fuck am i hanging out with these pricks. They smoke, they drink cheap booze, they drive with their music blasting, they are still teying to get that one girl that friendzoned them a billion years ago.

Someone once correctly told me, “everyones a hero in a small town”.

But thank god im not one. I never needed to be one. And now that everything is said and done. I can honestly say that, ambala, i love you, but thank god ive left you.



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