Turning pages.

They told each other it was over. And maybe for the first time,  he believed it was.  She was seeing someone else now. He knew he had to stay single for some time..

She called him out of the blue to scream at him. They talked and some feelings that hadnt died came out. He shouldn’t have called her back. She shouldn’t have called him either. But they did and they knew it couldn’t actually undo what had happened.

So he kept telling himself out was a minor setback. Just another notch in the belt, that it had ended long ago, but no matter how much he told himself that it was ok.. He was still shattered about the fact that she found someone else. He had found someone too but he left the girl when he realised he needed to be alone,  maybe he was just sad
that she found someone so quick…

That phone call shook him up. It destroyed all he had built in the past few months. She had no right to do that to him. And he had no right to blame her for doing it.
A chapter had ended in the book of his life.
And When the dust settled and it was all done,  the saddest part was that, the only time they confessed their love for one another was after it was all over.

Hey dumbass,  if you ever read this. Just smile and remember all the happy times. With love, bizz.



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