The gearbox dynamic. (FICTION)

A little boy once said, ” im gonna be just like daddy when i grow up .”

well aint that sweet. But daddy was a deadbeat con man tricking people into losing their earnings by any means possible. Daddy’s name was bob. And bob was a really bad guy. Not bad in just the whole moral sense of the word but bad in every sense of the world. The guy once shot a man in cold blood when his plans backtracked.

This story of Bobs life started in 2008.

It was December and it was just another job. A simple 4 step sweep.
1. Give a bait to the victims
2. Take their money
3. Stage a disturbance in the system
4.  Close shop and disappear.

Todays bait was a real estate plan in some third world countey. And the disturbance was the non validity of some legal issues.

And thats when the soon to be victim walked in. He was short,  maybe in his 20’s, curly hair and a dorky name tag that said hi my name is Eugene. He didnt look like he came from money so bob just thought he would brush him off and let him leave with the little spare change he had in his pockets. But then Eugene removed his jacket and exposed a vest he was wearing underneath. Bob had seen a lot of movies so he knew it was a bomb vest.

Panic ensued. Bobs partner in crime trey started telling Eugene to back the fuck up and not do anything stupid thats when the boy said, ” i am not doing this on purpose, they found out about you and they have my family. Please help me.”

Who were  “they” what did they find out about?  What on earth was happening?  Bob tried opening his mouth but he stopped when trey screamed and told him to run. So they ran. Leaving the poor kid behind. Bob went back to his house. And kissed his wife goodnight and slept.

He woke up the next morning and saw the boys face in the paper. The headlibe read- terrorist send suicide bomber to blow up the community centre. 15 dead 10 injured ”

That kid was no terrorist, he thought to himself. God dammit he didnt think so many people would die. Suddenly he heard his wife screaming. He ran to the kitchen to find a masked guy holding her by the neck with a gun pointed at her head. The man looked at him and said if i were you id give them their money back.  Bob yelled back off you little shit i swear if you don’t let my wife go i will kill you. The man laughed and pointed the gun at bob now, still holding katherine  ( bobs wife) with the other. She started screaming as bob told the man that he would do anything if he spared him. The man said he was no use dead to his boss so he told him to think hard. And left.





Suddenly an asteroid hit earth. The world ended. And so did bob.

Because fuck logic. Thats why.
( non cannon ending. Ill continue the story later.)



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