David. And goliath.

So ive always thought of this blog as a diary. As a way to say what i want to without actually saying it. And this blog has saved me. Its sorta like therapy for me. So if you are a regular reader. Or ur just browsing. I just t wanna say thank you. For sticking with me. For not telling me how bad my grammar is. For being awesome as fuck.


Have you ever walked. Alone. Just you and a pair of headphones? No destinations or hopes. Just plain simple walking. Have you ever done that?
Well i have. And i love it. Not because of the fact that i live alone and dont have a girlfriend. But just because it gives me clarity. The whole concept of never stopping and just walking and thinking is just too good for me.

I mean i get to be alone ( i love that) ,  i get to burn off some calories and i get to think and observe. Its like a whole new level of weird. I mean we all chose to drive or take a cab just to get to our destination early. But whats the point of having a destination if you’re not going to enjoy the journey?

Take some time off man. Smell the roses, see the auto-walas fight with customers, see a lady tell a shopkeeper to shove it. Thats life. Its all about the journey .
We are all just travellers, trying to reach the end, but we also wanna make the most of it.  So why not take it slow and easy and just live it properly?

Many of you would be thinking what this whole thing is about and why im even writing it. Its not because i dont have anything to do abhi ( i dont but thats a different story) its because i look around me and i see people just moving tooooooo fast. Just trying to do soo much. But guess what. Life is what goes by while you’re busy multi tasking.
We all know we are gonna die. U could die right now. Or a decade from now or even 70 years from now. So why waste even a second of it overloading our brains and body doing stuff we dont love? ;
Instead of trying too hard to keep it in control. Just let it go.
Just leave all your worries in your suitcase. And go out. Take a walk, think, reflect and just see what the world is upto.

You might just get the inspiration you need or the work out u never got.

Do it. I know ull love it.
Also i realise how generic the post became in the last paragraph. So im gonna end it now. And leave you with a quote.

“feet. Are like potatoes….. Why? Because fuck you. Thats why. ”
– bhavya verma, 2014, written while realising hiw shitty this post was



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