Alone in bad company.

Being alone. Its a strange concept. Does it mean being secluded from others or can you be alone even in a crowd.

At this very moment im surrounded by the three people i love you the most. But all it takes is mardy bum on my headphones to make me feel completely alone.  So disconnected that i dont even acknowledge their presence.

Can we ever really be alone though?

Do we even wanna be alone?
I might like listening to music alone, walking alone, drinking coffee all alone. But do i really enjoy being lonely?

I remember the times when i bunked my chem tuition. I used to sit in front of this store. Smoke a couple, listen to an album and maybe walk around if i wanted too. For one complete hour i used to be alone. Completely secluded. 100% lonely. I used to have a good time. But i can never say that i wanna do it again just like that.

I guess that’s the whole problem. Its not something i wanna waste my time thinking about. Coz at the end of the day it doesn’t matter.

so im gonna quote a tumblr user whose screen name i cant remember.

” i like riding the bus alone, i like walking home alone. It give me time to think and set my mind free.
I like eating alone and listening to music alone.
But when i see a mother with her child
a girl with her lover
Or two best friends laughing together
I realize that even though i like being alone
I dont fancy being lonely.  ”


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