Controlling a herd.

Before you start reading. Im just gonna say that this is my opinion and i dont want to hurt any sentiments of anyone.


Long ago the leaders of the world were the artists. They controlled perception. They controlled humans. They controlled what people saw,  read,  absorbed, loved and believed in. And at times they needed to control the population.

Now humans are easy to control when theres just one or two of them. But when u face a bunch of them and you need to control them you need help. You need to use the support of an idea.
As human beings we are naturally inclined to “believe”  and at all points we have the need to believe in a higher power. Someone or something to guide us it might be a feeling, a goal or the idea of god. Coz a herd of humans is useless.

But if you give them something to believe in. Something to pin their hopes,  dreams,  faults and doubts on. You have an army.

Our ancestors realised this long ago. And that is, in my honest opinion, where religion came from.

It wasn’t an extraordinary man who people followed. It was an idea an extraordinary idea. Suddenly the man that made everything was the new belief. And thats what we taught our kids and thats why we have religions.

Cause without that belief humans cant work they cant explain there lives unless they dont have any support system.

Just think about what you have been taught about religion for a few seconds. Done?
Now remove the whole god part from the equation.
All u have left is a set of rules.
Rules created by the rulers of the past to control populations. Rules to keep society in check.

Its like if u tell a man to stop drinking he wont. But tell him to stop in the name of god. You have a whole new ballgame.

So the next time you see a riot occuring on the basis of religion or an extremist telling young people to become saints cause god wants it. Just remember that that’s the price you pay when you create an idea that you cant control.

Cause an idea can change the world. For better. Or for worse.



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