Tiaras, photos and conversations

Its funny how life works….  You bump into someone you haven’t met in a long time and that one minute in which you see her and she sees you ends up changing a lot of stuff.

So im gonna call this girl, “she” . U know like the green day song??

So she and i started talking after bumping into each other. And we decided to meet up and catch up. So we did. And after 4 hours of non stop awesomeness. I realized i had found someone who is more outspoken than i am. Just as funny as i am. And just way more awesome than any one ive known.

We met again after that. And everytime i see her i realise how great she is. How  happy she makes me everytime she says bitch or gives that one expression or says something hilarious.

Thats the power of some people. No matter how low you feel. Talking to them will make you happy. Meeting them will make your week. And getting a cute nickname from them will make you smile.

I wish more people were like that…. Life would be better. Stuff would be more sane. But then again if everyone was like that. Then i wouldnt be writing this article about how special she is.


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