5 X 6 = 42

So we all have that one dream innlife which we want to achieve.

Many people give up on it when they grow up and join the rat race. Many people fight for it till the end and taste soo mucb happiness that they become an inspiration for everyone.
I remember once a friend of my dad told me dreams are for little kids and that in the real world you have to be practical…

For some people the dream is money. For some its change. For others its doing what makes them happy. Being in an IHM i am surrounded by two kinds of people. The reachers and the settlers. The reachers came on their own accord. They came to be the best in the hotel industry or the restaurant business. They have dreams and everytime they come to college they take one step closer to achieving that dream. Then theres the settlers the guys and girls who couldnt find anything better. Who settled for being in an IHM… I hate the settlers 😛 (first emoticon in the blog!!) sometimes i feel sorry for the people that dont have a dream in their life. And there are many who dont. Coz ultimately dreams are our aims they are the only thing that guide us to the end the only thing that give us the happiness we deserve.

So if you’re one of the kids who has that gleam in his/her eyes and you have this one crazy idea that you believe in. Go for it. Don’t think twice just go for it. Life is all about the chase and the journey. You might enjoy the end result of being a doctor/engineer. But ehats the point of that if you didn’t live on your way to the top?  So go out take a risk. Make a gamble. Have a drink and leave the thinking to the future. Dont live in the moment. Make that moment come alive.


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