Bull shit.

Bow in the past few days the quality of my blog has been on a decline. Yes. I know. Its not because i dont want to write anymore its just because i haven’t been feeling enough. So i just woke up from a stupid nap and i feel like shit. Ooh i felt something thats not happy. I could use that.

So  the thing with any form of expression is that it can be good if the expressor is happy. But it can only be great if he’s not. That’s true for music, art, dance, film, literature and even my blog. No one wants to hear how good my life is or how good i feel. No everyone reads this to see how bad it was and how i tackeled it and what im trying to learn from it. And that is really really sad. But then again isnt that why we do everything?  Just to feel a little better?

So i woke up unhappy today and the first thing i thought was. I Gotta get some writing done. And here i am typing away on my phone from my bedroom in my dads place looking for a direction to lead this description towards.

But its funny how happiness enhances everything about a person. But takes his passion onto the backseat. And i blame love. The four letter version of hallelujah. A 21 gun salute to all things mushy and sappy. A feeling so weird that no one can explain it but everyone knows what it is.

So im gonna use an example to explain what im trying to say. A friend of mine always wanted to be a doctor. Somehow that was his passion. The passion of helping others. But then he fell in love with a girl from another stream. Boom. Recipe for regret. And then what happened was something many of us are familiar with.
Guy has dreams. Guys follows dreams.
Guy meets girl. Guys falls in love with girl. Guy quits dream and follows the girl instead. Guy and girl break up. Guy is left loveless and dreamless.

And that is what i wanna say through this post. Dont let love rule you. Let your art,  your passion, be your ruler.



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