Pictures in the window.

So the bus can be a really good place to experience the journey as one should. Ambala to delhi. Ive travelled these roads so many times in the past year. But everytime i look out of the window there’s something new. Something so cool that i just have to smile and think about it.

Ive already made my position clear on the importance of stopping to smell the
roses. But everytime i travel my min just tells me That this is just great. Just sitting here with my gigantic bag and earplugs listening to rock n roll amd just watching people,  faces, buildings and landscapes go by with the wind in my hair. Theres not a lot of stuff that forces you to smile. But for me this is one of those things.

But it always hits me hard in my mind when i realise how temporary life is how short lived happiness can be.

So here’s this last paragraph of this post. And here’s to the times uve genuinely felt happy. Now rush off. Grab some ear plugs. Put on your favorite song. And play that slideshow of the happiest memories of this bus ride our ancestors named.. life.



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