Happy potato.

They say the people you love are like potatoes. If you eat them,  they die.

So my blog. It used to be a tool for me to vent out all my anger and frustration and loneliness onto the Internet for everyone to see. But over the time it has grown… Just a little but it has.

People tell me they like the mature topics and stuff i wrote about but i guess when i started out i never wanted it to be like that. I wanted it to be funny and cool.

Not all dark and broody… But that’s what its turning into. So im just gonna take it easy for a few days. Get my head back in the game. And take some time to get inspired again. Cause all this deep, dark, mature, guidance counselor writing is freaking me out 😛

The worst part is most of my readers think im running out of jokes. Well that. sir / ma’am is wrong. I cant run out of jokes.  I wont run out of jokes. So im gonna finish up this para . And write something funny.

So here it is

Something funny.



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