ice cream on my face.

Happiness….. Just a little bit of it can make your day worth the effort. And if its not there well then its time to get going.  Now im not gonna go into the depths of happiness as an emotion or how one can never be truly happy. But im also not gonna go all “14 year old writer”  on you guys and just talk about stuff that makes me happy.

Instead im gonna ask you guys something. Have you ever been soo happy that you felt complete?  So happy that suddenly you were the only one alive and the rest of this world just disappeared?

Do you remember what caused that emotional outburst?
Do you remember exactly how good you felt?
If you do remember it. Or even if you don’t nust try to feel that rush again. Visualize it and try to feel that rush in your chest..  That tug in your throat that gleam in your eyes. It feels great..  Doesn’t it?

Well we all feel different levels of happiness. Different levels of joy. And different levels of excitement. But then again theres always one thing thats common. That rush of blood to the head. That feeling where you’re the king of the world. That feeling is priceless. No drug or alcohol in the World can give you that.

Its the best high in the world. And guess what..  It actually comes for free…



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