Chefs dont cry.

People tell me I dont talk much to my teachers. Up until 4 hours ago I felt flying under the radar was my safest bet. But screw that. I need to be a chef. And if I already am one. Then I need to be a better one.

Knowledge is always good. Unless people dont know you have any and write you off. This feild of mine is all about being outspoken.  Being confident enough to stare at a judge and say hey listen I know what I did wrong but still. Fuck you.

Today as I write this while wearing my chef whites.. I realise what this uniform means. How much pride it gives me to wear it and how happy I am when someone calls me chef. So I guess starting today I get back on track . I am where I am for a reason. And that reason is not to be under the radar . Its not about being good. I need to be the best.  So yeah. Fuck waiting for the opportunities.  Its high time I started making my own oppenings.



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