Perfect much? (dont read this..)

Have you ever felt that moment… That point of utter perfection where she is the most beautiful thing u’ve ever seen. When you’re holding her in your arms and just staring at her and wondering how you got that lucky?

You could spend your entire life like that. Just holding her in your arms,  brushing aside the hair that fall over her face..  Just looking into her eyes, Listening to her talk,  laughing at her jokes, smiling at her astounding perfection and telling her you love her.

She just smiles and blushes everytime you say it. Tells you she loves you too. Hugs you. And puts her head on your chest. You kiss her on the forehead and she blushes. You smile. She smiles. And then you just look at each other.

It’s funny how we all want to have fun and do something exciting on a date. But its those silent moments… Those intimate moments are the ones
that really fulfill us.

Hey you.  If you’re reading this. You know im talking bout you :*
I love you.



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