Writing while walking.

Well im walking. .. yeah… I do that alot… so recently stuffs been pretty great.. ifyou follow my blig you’d probably have an idea.  If you dont well then fuck you.  Kidding…  or am I ?

God dammit this sucks.  I cant believe how blogging is becoming more and more stupid as each day goes by. People are finally realising this is an epic platform to vent your anger and sadness on.. some people like to be all deep and thought provoking. . Some like to act like 12 yead old girls.. some just screw around. ..some suck .

I fall into the next category… im the guy that started writing to avoid falling into a deep depression. And so fae its been really great. It keeps me neutral. Mentally. Like I vent out my sadness and happiness on this blog. People might make fun of this. But these short posts on this stupid site constitute my heart. My mind. My feelings and everything I stand for.

Now im almost home. So im gonna abruptly end this post. Coz honestly I dont have that many emotions right now.



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