Content and complete.

She asked him if he was really happy. He was baffled by that question he said he wasn’t exactly happy it was something more than that . Happiness isnt pure. What he felt was something true. Something he hadnt ever felt before. It was the feeling of contentment. He wasnt happy. He wasnt overjoyed.  He wasnt high on that feeling. He was calm , composed , sure and he knew this was it.

She looked at him after hearing it , her perfect eyes glistening under the diffused light of all the signboards around them . She just held him tightly put her head on his shoulder and kept it there as he continued to babble.

Its times like these.  Moments like this one that make me sure that yes with everything you lose. Every obstacle you scrape your knees on , there lies in wait , true happiness . You lose love. But when it comes back . It comes back like a lightning bolt and changes your life.

Its happened with me . And if you’re reading this. Trust me that girl.. she’s thunderstorms.



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