I dint wanna hear you. Kick me out.

There’s people I know. People I love. People I wanna kill . People I dont know and people I want to know. I mean life is rarely fair . Mostly we’re just hoping for the best. Hoping that someone realizes that we exist. All we need is recognition all we need is that pat on the back. But what happens when you dont get it . Ever. Well if literature and celluloid are the true story tellers then I guess no recognition leads you to become a villain.  The bad guy. The guy who no one likes simply cause he thinks differently all every villain in the history of anything ever needed was a good childhood and no kne breathing down his neck constantly to be better and/or worse.

So the next time you see a bad guy. The guy you think is an asshole or that one gurl you dont like remember that it was hard for them too . Theyve experienced more tyranny than they give to you.  Im not saying that this justifies the actions of that bully you had in high school or that kid that beat you up once . Im just saying that there are 2 sides to every story.

So yeah…. I wrote this for this one guy people hate.. if you’re living around me recently youll probably know who im talking about .

Anyways welcome to part 2 of this post.


Wtf ?

Files . Journals. Weekend classes. Stupid shit. F and b ??? Mother fuckin f and b ?? DUDE !! COME THE EFF ON .
I along with 60% of my classmates have a life a life outside of this college.
The whole attendance bullshit is already enough to kill half of my plans these stupid assignments arent helping. What the actual fuck alok ?

So yeah welcome to part 3.

Im at the north campus metro station.  Waiting for the girl I love. And im bored. And im writing.  To avoid the starws people are giving me. Dude come on. I hate this . Hate waiting for her to come. And hate letting her leave. But then we have a lot of time today so its gonna be epuc and all this waiting will pay off.

Anyways I just discovered this app has a bold italics and underline. fearure this is some cool shit. So youre gonna see a lot of this stuff soon. Anyways
Thanks for reaching to this point. Im gonna reward your efforts with a thumbs up. (Y)



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