The four letter p word.

Some people think it’s cool.  Some pose to be that.  Some love the word. Some actually live it.

It’s not just about your music library.  It’s not you’r hair. Its not the clothes. Its all about how you live in the box you’re stuck in.

The word is punk. And the box is this society.

People think that being punk is about not giving a fuck. Not caring and being your own self. this is true to some extent but being a punk is about soo much more. for me its all about living outside the box . While being in the box.

Its all about being who you are and living by what you believe  while society shoves its ideas down your throat all while listening to the blitzkrieg bop while wearing what ever you want to .

The music is very important though. Technically, our playlists define who we are. They tell you what kind of a person  one is.If its full of bands like green day , the ramones , the clash , sex pistols , rise against , blink 182 ; even the more pop-y punk bands like mayday parade , simple plan , mcr etc or post punk bands like the arctic monkeys , the vaccines etc. You sir are already half punk.

The other half of being punk is doing what pleases you whenever it pleases you. Punk is a 4 chord rush to the finish line. Its just you and what you believe.

Its all about not conforming to the social order. Its about leaving your mark on the box you’re stuck in.

And no. Its not about screaming the word fuck alot . Or disrespecting every one around you.  Or having a mohawk.
All of that is just someones way of defying society . Not everyone else’s.

Being punk is easy. Afterall it doesn’t have any rules except your own.



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