The table in front of the water coolers in the college mess.

Im sitting at the aforementioned table . Surrounded by people completing their assignments and files. And I cant help but wonder whats happening in ither colleges . Does everyone else have this much work too ? Or is it just us. The unfortunate hotel management majors that suffer the wrath of the god of assignments.

Who invented this stupid system anyway. How does submitting a 80 page file on absolutely nothing at qll get you full marks for the formative assessment for a semester.

I thoght academics were about torchering kids by making them memorize crap they are probably never gonna use in their lives. When did it become about making them write that crap down on novelty sheets and putting them in a file and praying that the teacher accepts it ?

I get that this post is going nowhere but whatever.  Im stuck in a college thats not taking me anywhere. Im just returning the favour.



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