The 99th problem that wasnt really a problem

So have ypu ever been In that zone ? That zone of being the best you can be and not caring about anything at all ?? Well its a good place to be… just saying…

Anyways I once had an all expenses paid pass to that zone .. that was up until the time I realised tgere so much more to life if you just care about the people around you.  Not like go to there house and feed thwm type of care but just the whole hey fellow human I acknowledge your existance type of care… its not that hard to keep that In your brain.. honestly.. I mean if you can memorize the lyrics to call me maybe then you can obviously remember stupid shit.. why not just keep this thing in your brain ??

Youre not gonna do any good to anyone if you do it.  Nothing good is gonna come to you but when you just smile at an acquaintance whos having the worst day of his life . That smile cpuld just flip everything around for him. It could lend the poor depressed excuse for a himan being the confidence he needs to get through the day .

So yeah I wrote the above nonsensical whim because I saw something happen today. This guy fell off his bike and dropped some stuff on the ground … being the good human I am I helped him out.. but the shocking part was that out of the 10-12 people around him only 3 helped him out. Now idk if this is just an isolated incident or a reminder that slowly all of us are becoming so numb to the people around us that we cant even acknowledge their existance unless they are of some use to us.

So yeah be good people. Dont be little snotty brats who cant help out a person in need.

Im writing after a long time. Cut a dude some slack… please.



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