A square shaped ring ?????

So I’ve been realizing my writing doesn’t make a lot of sense to people that don’t know me … Well I’m not gonna fix it but I will try to keep the crap a little bit more accessible to everyone..

anyways my blog isn’t as popular as it used to be… I guess taking month long breaks kinda does that to it … But that’s not the issue at hand today… The issue isn’t even an issue but I WILL MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT. The issue is…  Accountancy….

Lol.   Jk.

no. I’m not… I hate accounts .. Why do I even have to study it ?? I’m a writer not an accountant for crying out loud… And what does all that even mean.. Why do we even need it ?!? Fuck man I don’t wanna record all financial transactions in a systematic manner !!!! I have an app for that it’s called that one app no one downloads because it’s stupid !

And whats more stupid is the fact that I have to read an 11th grade textbook to cram that shit up!!!!

and if you think that’s my problem…. I am honestly just getting started .

Anyways moving on to something less boring.

how cool are flavored lip balms I mean I used to think kissing was weird but those babies just sold the whole idea to me again. It’s almost like eating an ice cream now you  try to keep it clean but get sloppy at times.. And when you’re done you have a wonderful flavor on your lips.


To the the cosmetic genius who made them . I say thank you. Thank you soon very much for giving guys like me the incentive to kiss our lovely ladies. Sure we keep doing it even without your great invention but your invention makes it sooooo much better.

thank you.


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