Stalker much ?

So I have a practical tomorrow.  And with that comes a choice. Should I study ? Or should I write about something with utterly no significance to my life or anyone elses for that matter…

I chose option 2. 😛

So yeah has any of you ever got a stalker ?

You know that one guy or girl who follows your every move. Who tries break up your relationships and wants to get married to you asap ?

These people usually have a tendency to be the most depressed people you know.

Now here are my 10 tips to identify a stalker. And for my own convenience im gonna refer to said stalker as she.

1. She gives you handmade cards and gifts that clearly took a lot of effort even when you are just acquaintances.

2. She finds excuses to have the same friends as you just so she can be close to you. She attacks your best friends first .

3. She writes about you. Again the woman doesn’t know you.but she still writes about how awesome you hair looked on that day from 5-7 pm

4. You suddenly start seeing her everywhere you go.

5. She tells you how lonely and vulnerable she is. Trust me she isnt. Dont fall for that . Dont think with your hormones.  You do not want to get into that . Literally.

6. She gives you a creepy nickname like say… cadbury ( WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ?)

7. She tell everyone and you she loves you. Every freakin day.

8. You seem to be creeped out by her presence.

9. She tries to get close to your family.




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