The bigger star.

So my mom just told me to start a different blog that doesnt contain my personal crap…

Well.. my mom reads my blog… I really should cut down on the swear words …. I guess…

So I wrote about my dad a long time ago.. and never really wrote about my mom so Anyways moms… I mean how cool are moms ? They literally are your best friends but some times they also beat the shit out of you. They’re your closest confidants but they rat you out to your dad the second they get the chance. They tell you they love you and the next day give you a long and obscenely detailed lecture about how you are useless.

We all know the forcefed mainstream emotional melodrama that tv and films have shoved into us about “mom ka love” or “maaa ki mamta” as ekta kapoors writers call it.

So im not gonna get into that. What im gonna talk about is the way my mom has been so undeniably awesome and soo freaking cool about everything that she’s made me the person I am today.

I still remember the time I had a really messy break up and I was shattered in my head . She was the only one I could confide in cause anyone else would have thought of it rationally and told me how I was wrong but no. Moms are biologically programmed to always take your side in an argument.

Weather its a stupid school administration guy calling her to tell her how her sons hair are really really long or a teacher telling her that her only son didnt make his notebooks… again… my mom has always been that superhero that basically told them , ” hey listen loser my son is my son. And I know my son cant be wrong so you better stop complaining about it or im gonna give you a piece of my mind”.

And that is usually enough to shut people up for good. (Btw thanks for all of that mom )

I mean I have fought with my mom alot . Like a whole damn lot but in the end shes the one who’s always gonna be the one person I can always. Like always count on. All of this goes without saying but ive never really said this stuff so… yeah..

Anyways yeah. My mom is a serial overthinker . like you tell her the weather isnt gonna be good tomorrow and im pretty sure she’ll stay up all night thinking about how the next day is gonna get real bad.  Shes addicted to her phone , more than I am . And that says a lot. She’s quirky and has a bad habbit of screaming at inappropriate times but inspite of all her so called flaws . She’s the reason I can actually write this stuff. Shes the reason for all I am. And all im gonna be.

Mom I love you. Ive never ever said this to you but I guess its better late than never .
And without getting anymore cheesy im gonna take my leave.

Maa if you read this . Please for the love of everything that is good . Dont ever talk to me about this . PLEASE !!



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