What ?

We go our entire lives not caring about anything or anyone . But then again feel the constant need for attention.  You can deny it. Fight it . But you can never truly believe that you dont have that need for someone to acknowledge you. Your mom and Dad to be there on the big days. Your friends to congratulate you or give you condolences or feel sorry for you. People who’ll never truly know you To look at you and notice you.

Why do we do this ? Why do we even need other people ? Why cant we revel in our own glory  and fix our problems alone ? Who decides as to who deserves more attention.  Who decides as to who gets parents that love them and who get parents that dont give a crap. Is it fate ? God ? The universe ? Or some other stupid belief created to explain the harsh fact that every single person on this planet cares for one thing and thats themselves. Everything else is secondary. Love . Family. Friendship . Everything comes after that one big alphabet on you keyboard between u and o



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