Next station is Rajiv chowk. Doors will open on the left. Please mind the gap.

Delhi metro.

The heart and soul of every dilli-walah.

Ok maybe not heart and soul but definitely very important. Somewhat like the liver.. anyways thats not the point . The point is that the metro is beautiful. It is an amazingly laid out network which is soo efficient that its usually the only thing you can trust in the city. ( after auto waalahs being assholes )

Its an engineering marvel. And a perfectly constructed system. But the real beauty lies in how it lets you experience the city on a way more personal level than anything else . And by personal I obviously mean that you can literally smell what that guy sticking to your Leg had for dinner. And what that auntys husbands secretary did lady sunday. Sometimes you also hey some occasional hope that someone fron the opposite sex is staring at you bit they’re usually either creeps or people that look like they’re stunt doubles for the henchman who gets impaled by a metal pipe in that one south indian movie. ..

Then there’s the announcements. God damn those announcements. Especially this – Next station is “random station” , doors will open on the “right/left” please mind the gap…. dude I know there all useful and shit but seriously man I DO NOT WANT THEM TO BE FOLLOWED BY EVERYONE AROUND ME JITTERING AND SAYING ooh chalo stqtion aa gya . Fuck you socially awkward guy with a boss who’s got bad breath !!!!! ( you know he has that coz he also talks really loud on the phone)

Then they’re the couples. Theres the good couples and the Fucled up couples.  The good couples are a couple in love who occasionally kiss or hug . The bad couple is the one that fights and discusses how theyre angry that the girl/guy is talking to that bitch on facebook and how the guy should stay away from her or the girl is gonna slap him in public…. thats just sad. .. on so many levels (2)

Anyways yeah the point is the metro is beautiful . So are the people . And the only thing seriously wrong with the metro is the colour scheme… yellow and silver. . Seriously? ?

Ok leave that.. the reson I wrote this was because.. well… I just did … fuck logic right ?

K bro.



No seriously. .


Or wait…

Actually dont..



How are you still reading ?

I like potatoes. ..
Yeah. .



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