Something almost, but not quite ,entirely unlike an apology

3 months.  Thats an awfully long time to not write anything. Its not like I stopped writing. It was more like nothing I wrote was good enough. The words didn’t work. The sentences weren’t hot enough and every prose I wrote sucked.

So I read.

A lot.

And I realized every one has a different viewpoint . Everyone writes with different levels of passion. Everyone’s sense of humour varies severely. Everyone’s cultural sensibilities are different.  Everyone has different reasons to write. And everyone needs an audience that accepts them…. Apart from kim kardashian. Especially apart from kim kardashian.

Anyways so now im gonna do a 180 and talk about love.

So I believe that everyone in this world is destined for someone.  And everyone in the world is going to end up with someone that gets em. Now truth be told. I also believe that all this is a load of horse crap.

But then again ive felt that forever. That feeling of being wrapped in a ball of string that goes on and on. Having your own personal infinity with someone. Having your own universe . Having your own rules. And having a slice of a cake called perfection.

My perfection comes from her.  The woman of my dreams. The girl who looks me in the eyes and tells me im a freaking nut case and she cant handle me anymore , and kisses me . There’s something about the warmth of her breath falling on my neck when she hugs me. The way she taps her palms on her thighs every time shes nervous. The way she moves, the way she gazes at stuff, the way she stands , the way she smiles and the way she laughs. It gives me goose bumps even thinking about all that.

Idk if she and I are ending up together. Idk of we’ll every have our forever. But all I know is that this woman has given me the illusion of it at the very least. What she is might not be perfect. But its my definition of perfect.

She is it .

She is everything.

She’s mine.



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