Setting fire to our insides. For fun.

You put the demon in your teeth. You burn it. You burn yourself. You suck on it . The burnt up compounds go inside you. Ruin you. Destroy you. Make you calm. You know its killing you. But you keep going back to it. Its like you love hating it. You love the pain itll cause. Your kids are gonna hate you for it. Your loved ones already do. Hell even you hate it .

But you do it anyways.

Its like a bad relationship. The kind you just cant quit. You think it gives you a sense of perspective and a certain kind of wisdom. Even though you know all of that is bullshit and youre only doing it because youre used to it.

That cigarette will kill you.

You know it already has in a lot of ways.

But then again. For sure . You will do it again tomorrow.



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