Missed connection

She moved like a ticking time bomb
a plot device in a rom com.

he wasnt the one you fell in love with
He was the one you never adored.

Both of these aforementioned factions.
Were going to inevitably be floored.

The other girls were crazy she thought.
Shed rather be safe than be torn apart

He didn’t have the luxury of grace.
A prospective contentment was all he could chase.

She was in the bar when he stumbled through in sadness.
Why was every other girl so crude to him?
What was this madness?

he laid eyes on her on a warm February afternoon.
He was making eys at her. He hoped she’d see him soon.

He dreamt about her being with him
Guiding him on through thick and thin

He dreamt about her leaving him behind , shattered in his ways.
So he closed his eyes and looked the other way.

She saw that guy looking at her
He was quite different from her usual type but he could be good for her

She looked at him and her mind was singing.
But he looked away and left her hanging.

They were damaged that was true.
But they couldve been something atleast till June.



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