Thinking about your precious heart drives me wild.
Theres something about that warm embrace that makes me feel like an insecure child.
Not because I dont trust you or I dont believe in you,
But because the world is a bad place and I feel the need at all times to be there for you.
A girl like you may be unattainable and unavailable at all times to a guy like me,
with all those pretty boys after you, why are you even spinning this thread with me.
Questions with no answers spawn themselves in my head and on my shoulders , they’re like a pair of scissors  and your love is like a beautifully wrapped up boulder.
Its a burden I might call it.
Its like riding a motorcycle at 200 kmph with a helmet with no visor.
But then agian it creates that sensitive sensibility slowly driving away my fears and crushing those scissors.

Im not gonna compliment your beauty or tell you how much I love you.
But just in case you know I believe that everyone in this world is undeniably ugly in comparison to the godess on my arm which , fortunately for me, is you.

They say faith is very important for a man.
They say god always has a plan.
I never was one to believe.
To follow these stupid ideologies to get some relief.

But ive found my place.
Ive found the spot corresponding to my needs on this mountains face.

Your body is a temple.
And you are my religion.
I love you ankita singh , more than cheap people love free samples.



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