Idealistic idiosyncrasies

So ive been writing for a while now.
This blog gained , lost , gained & then lost popularity .
This blog became something I needed rather than something I just did.

Even as I write this down .

I know that no one is reading this. But im ok with that.

No one really gives a flying fuck about anything I may write . But im ok with that.

Give it another year.

This blog will be lost in obscurity.

But im ok with that.

But there’s one thing im not ok with .

Well theres a lot of things im not ok with.
Especially today.
And tomorrow.

But the major thing is crackers.

Not because im an environmentally responsible guy.
And certainly Not because Im afraid of loud noises and sudden flashes of light.

Well that might be the reason….

But mostly its because of the life a cracker lives.

Its made by people who risk there lives creating it everything it stands for has literally come out of poverty and a place in the world where gunpowder is always in the air. ( literally )

Its made. Its transported into a whole other world by another guy who has wayy bigger dreams. Into the world where his dreams are shunted off as immature and impossible just because he doesnt have a piece of paper saying that he isnt a certified slave to the hypocrisy of bureaucracy. He gives it to another guy whos in the same hole ridden raft that the world calls a boat.

He sells it.

Its made. Transported and then bought. By a guy whos gonna destroy it. A guy who doesnt exactly care about the cracker. He only cares about the stigmas associated with it. He loves the thrill of seeing the cracker burn. Its a toy. A play thing. Not the effort of the hard work of people who probably will die in some time because of all the
Aforementioned gunpowder.

But thats what it was right ?

Built to be destroyed.

And on the fateful day when every house is lit with lamps.

It will be lit as well.

The cracker will burn slowly. Causing a reaction in the mind of the asshole burning it. It will be the best 7 swconds of his life when hes blown away with the death of the product . He will be happy. I bet he will. But for how long will the thrill stay?
How long till he comes crawling back to the destruction that awaits ?
How long till he picks up another one to burn , destroy , enjoy and criticize a day later ?

Thats the life of a cracker.

But a cracker is just an idea .

So is this blog.

So is everything.

And the above is nothing but the viewpoint of a retard with a phone.

Crackers are Ideas.

And ideas…

They have a sad. Sad. Life.



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