Chetan bhagat sucks

So have you ever had that sleep the perfects sleep with the perfect song booming in your ears ?

I fucking hate that

You cant go back to it you cant ever really achieve it .the second you et there its taken away , just like everything else you’ve ever tried to achieve . You want it , it wants you but its complicated , sometimes the timing isn’t right , sometimes the music is worthless because you forgot to dim the lights . Perfection in sleep cant be achieved .

Perfection being as unnatural as it is , breeds a whole new level of greed , it drives people to perfect their prose and try to be the guy/girl they always wanted to be .

And then theres Chetan Bhagat.

He’s a pass out of IIT and IIM And the guy writes like a horny 13 year old describing his interpretation of Christopher Nolan’s “inception”.

And don’t even get me started on the new wastage of paper that mister Bhagat calls a book.

Half girlfriend ?
Really ?
Could you BE more clichéd ?


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