Shooting my feelings into you

Love is a 4 part product .

Theres a base of trust at the bottom of it all . Its the most important part , everything else is just fancy schmansy voodoo crap . Its the base that demands your attention it should be perfect or else the whole thing falls apart . It extends beyond everything else

Spread on the base is the gooey and stringy affection . Its the part everyone loves and adores the one that makes everything seem perfect , its there to make everything better and everything perfect sometimes its too much sometimes its too little but its always noticeably there .

Then comes a thin layer of communication it encapsulates the affection and is an extension of trust and its what makes love feel normal .

Then come the differences , the bitter sweet arguments and disagreements topped onto communication that can make or break everything . Coz at the end of the day all couples are the same . Some are just heavily loaded with different dashes while others are perfect and completely free of any distractions .

Well you could say that love is a cheese burst pizza ….(why dont you read that again)


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