The indignity of reaction

Im not a poet
I don’t like fancy rhymes
I don’t like big words that are phonetically sympathetic
I find the art of poetry merely erratic

Its not the work of suddenly bursting art
But rather like a little tingle of tangy lust in a lemon meringue tart

The constant effort required , i cannot impart
Its like a profusely pulsating toothache for my heart

Who needs fancy lines about wind chimes
Or subtle meanings hidden in a whine that manages to match the previous line

Don’t read this with a beat
Because what this is ,is no geniuses feat

This is not a poem and im not a poet
Im barely even a writer , im just a guy with a keyboard even if i don’t want to show it

I cant give you inspiration with my words
Or tell you the truth about anything related to birds

But what i do is not easy
Even if my paragraphs are downright cheesy

Ill still keep doing this
Without any particular intention
But if you like this blog , please , please do mention.

Coz i might not be a poet but i still need my inspirations
Even if its a word from you and not socio political fornication.


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