Make the money, dont let the money make you

So i dont have viewers or readers anymore
Writers block is a definite bitch .
But yes i write again , yes im still okay-ish
No i wont write about teenage problems

But i will write about this other topic called money, cash, ka-ching, $$$$$ etc etc.

The ultimate pursuit of everyone everywhere doing anything….

Aint that sad?

Well it is

But also it isn’t.

Or maybe it is… Idk… Im sort of on the edge.

See my dream used to be… to find the girl of my dreams. Work my ass off for a few years then settle down and open a little restaurant and earn enough to sustain myself…

And then i went for some exposure training aaaand….. it changed.

Somewhere along the way i realized how important money really is, it might not be something that drives me.

But its the only thing that can get me a car, which in turn can drive me.

Its not a commodity its a necessity.

Its not evil its just very misunderstood.

Its not the root of problems. It is the purest form of capitalism. You run after it and destroy yourself in the process. But what do you need to fix the shit you fucked up?
Again. No points for guessing.

Money is not something that should be your ultimate goal ever. If it is then i kindly advise you to kill yourself. right now. But then again its the only thing that can get you to your goal. (unless your goal is to become a saffron clad superhero).

Its the ultimate super-power.
Its everything.

But then again. It cant buy happiness ….
It buys you iPhones and food at the fat duck.

I admit its one of the best things in the world

But theres 2 things that are wayyyy above it in every single aspect.

And love.

You might disagree with me. But remember that even KRK is a billionaire
And again.
Even osama was pretty rich.
He was… Up till the point he was shot in the head. Thrice. In his house. In the middle of the night.

Money doesn’t command respect. It commands envy and anger. You can earn in 8 digits but if your fellow humans dont respect and/or love you so whats the point?

I might be a hypocritical man for writing this.
But then again id rather not get anything in my life than have only money.

The point is something macklemore and ryan lewis put out pretty amazingly.

” Make the money, dont let the money make you “


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