Carcinogenic catastrophes

She looked at him.
His body, now something that looked like a shadow of his former self.

It wasn’t the only thing that was off about him. His once flowing locks were replaced by an empty beanie. He used to be strong and always there for her. He was her support system.

But that was before the disease hit him. A random cell started to get out of hand and started leaching him dry.

He was soggy from all the chemo, like a pack of unfinished biscuits left in a moist environment for a long time.

He felt cold, its july, why does he feel cold.
She spent 2 years by his side, she had seen everything now.

Her man, now a tubed up body with vague familiarity. She gave up everyday. She didn’t think it would ever be ok. Pain and sorrow was mundane now.

He used to tell her it was gonna be fine, but her charts said something else.

She wanted to be there for him in all his fights, but this one was too much. She just couldn’t do it. Whats the point of fighting for another year when its never going to get better?

His mom used to call her a lot, they shared stories. They cried. And at the end of the phone calls they lied. Said it would be ok. But the truth haunted them at every syllable.

2 years 4 months and 5 days.

She had counted every hour. Every second.

It had gone on for too long.

All she wanted was something, some kind of magic to make him ok.

The love of her life was losing his life.

2 years 7 months and 8 days.

The doctor called his mom.

His mom called her.

She broke down. She was a train wreck. Her eye makeup reached her neck. She ran out of her house. Went to the hospital again. The nurse tried to calm her down.

She couldn’t.

The girl was in denial. She couldn’t believe it till she saw it.

She went in the room.

3 doctors.
2 nurses.
His family.
His friends.
An aura of a feeling she had forgotten.

As she approached his bed.
That familiar bed.

They all dispersed a little. They let her through. His mom and dad hugged her.
She cried even more now.

She looked at his pale white face.

It had something she hadnt seen in a while now.

That last surgery was a little stretched.

She remembered how the doctors were not able to give her any concrete responses.

They were positive. But not much.

She had held onto the fancy words they had used.

There was a curve on his face.

She looked at him and burst into more tears.

The curve grew.

A faint voice was heard.

She hugged him.

She couldn’t believe it.

The curve grew into a smile.

It showed some teeth.

He lifted his arms.
Hugged her.


I love you.

The tumors were gone.

The feeling in the room was exuberance.

Total. Complete. Exuberance.

She hugged him back.

Kissed his flaky lips.

They got through.

He got through.

He won,
she won.

It was all over.


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