Sad short stories

So its been 11 months since this blog went live.

Take out 4 months of writers block and 3 months of total exuberance.

Wow. Ive only been writing for 4 months?? Wtf??
Seemed longer to me….


Anyways. Im taking out the time to write more now ( bored.)

Because i appreciate the value attached to my words when they are read by others ( attention whore.)

But mostly because i love it.
( music left me, so this is the next best thing.)

So anyways im going to start a parody/ homage / spoof of “terribly tiny tales”

They are gonna be tributes to death. Disappointment and downright stupid ways to die. But ill use nice words so yeah. I hope you can get a good laugh out of it. (frankly i dont give a rats ass if you laugh, but i gotta say that for tax reasons).
Its gonna be called sad short stories.
Its gonna be on instagram soon and the link for that will be up on my Facebook soon.
I posted the first one yesterday.

Here are a few more
The candle burnt brighter than anything he had seen before.
Too bad it burnt his house down.

He believed death was an illusion
Till he got impaled by a flying javelin.

He liked the smell of roses in the garden.
Maa planted them.
He went too close, he got cut by a thorn.
He got gangrene soon, a limb had to be torn.

Love knows no boundaries, she said.
Her man continued to sniff her underwear.

Thats all tbe funny shit youre getting out of me for free.

Follow the instagram page which will be up tomorrow for more exciting entertainment that will leave you sad with happiness.
(worst marketing strategy ever.)


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