I wrote a story

So i wrote a story.
Wanna read it?

Well you are in luck if you do

We are not alone.

Alexander Rousseau.

A man with questionable driving skills.
He waits tables everyday from 9-5 only to hate it and come back to it.

He was tall, moderately good looking with slicked back brown hair and brown eyes. He was lean and frail and looked like a shadow at times.

13th September 2017

They watch from afar. The other ones. Not necessarily those who are superior but the one who came before.

They watch from afar.

It was just another day at the restaurant.
50 covers all of then filled with rich snotty brats blowing up the money their parents worked so hard for.

Alex moved from table to table handling everyone’s requests, whims and fancies, hoping that someone would be a loose tipper.

It was a hard day.
Too much work for just $50 in tips.

He needed to go back to college.
But who could afford that.

He went back home after his shift.
He looked up in the sky wondering what to do next.

8:30 AM 15th September 2017

It seemed like an ordinary day for everyone on earth.

And then it happened.

It started off as weak earthquakes.
But slowly escalated into breaking news.

Earthquakes, floods, storms, squalls and a tsunami in Miami.

The whole world was shook apart like somebody stretched out the balance of nature and plucked it repeatedly.

In the blink of an eye mankind had been reduced to estranged people looking for food and shelter.

Technology was dead.

Intelligence agencies were barely functional and the U.N. Called for a summit of every single one of them.

Governments. What were left of them were trying their best to give aid to the civilians.

There were theories of god unleashing his wrath. And the tectonic plates being disrupted by an unknown phenomenon.

The calamities stopped.

March 18 2018

Alex looked at his watch.
There was something wrong.
It had been 6 months since it happened.
He had been working when it happened.
Everyone had freaked out, panic was the dish of the day. They had holed up in the walk in fridges and freezers for shelter.

It was cold but it was safe.

He started thinking.

So many weird things had happened but somehow not A lot of people had seemed to die.
Since they got the radio back on there had been reports of earthquakes destroying cities but the death and injury count was in double digits.

The only reported death in his city was a crazy man who jumped off of his rood screaming the rapture has come.


30 July 2018

They looked upon the earth from the ship.
They were surprised as to how much this little species had rebuilt in such a short time.

They had heart. That could not be denied.

But then again they had given them a very small challenge.

One of them said jokingly, “we should leave them alone. Once was enough.”
He then proceeded to switch the device on.

Down at earth there was death pining for a fix.
It started off the same way.
But it didn’t end for a week.
This time the deaths were noticeable.

It was estimated that the population had been reduced by a quarter.

Something had to be done.
2 episodes of nature going wild?

Everyone knew that wasn’t possible.
There had to be other forces at play.

October 3 2018

Alex looked at his wheelchair.
It was a study metal chassis with wheels and a chair. Pretty rudimentary. It had been a year since the first incident.

July had been rough on him.

His left leg had been damaged by a cement block that had came from the roof while he slept. The pain had been excruciating.

He had somehow managed to get out on the street where his neighbor saw him and rushed him to a clinic.

His leg felt Better but he still couldn’t walk on his own.
He was in the medical camp.
He and Laura.
The neighbor.
He used to talk to her about how it used to be before the craziness.

She told him about her husband serving in the military. She said something about the U.N. Calling up the best soldiers.But Alex had been more focused on his broken bones.

The nurse gave him some juice.
That’s all they had.

Waiting tables didn’t seem so bad now.

November 1 2018

They said war had been declared.

On what our who nobody in the camp really knew. All they heard on the radio was that 5 beings from another world had landed in Australia.

They gave a big speech about how earth was dying planet and how everyone would be better off in leaving it behind and searching for a new planet.

The U.N. Which was the Supreme authority now had said no to the offer of them finding us a new home.
A lot of people rebelled.

The rebellion had turned into a monster.

The rebels contacted the beings and became their eyes and ears .

Pro and anti U.N forces were constantly battling.

The beings left the earth. But said they would come back in 3 weeks and they’ll bring others. But this time they wouldn’t talk.
They took the rebels with them.

Alex tried to console a sobbing Laura.
Get husband was gonna be on the front lines in a weeks time now.

The camp had slowly been running out of resources. And Alex’s leg didn’t seem to get better. He and Laura decided to leave the camp and head to the U.N. Building.

They went to a nearby airstrip in search for transportation and found an abandoned jeep. Laura strapped Alex in and put the wheel chair in the back and drove towards the make shift U.N. Headquarters.

It was a long and troublesome journey. They switched cars twice in 2 days. They slept in the cars and had just about enough food left for one person for one day.

They took meals in shifts.

Laura was driving the blue convertible Alex had insisted on getting. Alex was playing music on the radio. Both of them were delighted when they saw the U.N building.


They went towards it. Laura pushing Alex’s wheelchair. The guards didn’t let them in but after getting to know who Laura’s husband was. They parted like the seas for Moses.

The building was strangely populated with a lot of people. People who shouldn’t have been able to fit in it. But somehow they managed.

Strange, eh? Said jack. Laura ran towards him to kiss him.
The sight disgusted Alex a bit.
But who was he to judge.

The three of them had lunch. Actual cooked food for lunch and proceeded to Alex and Laura getting bunkers to sleep.

21st November 2018.

They said they’d come three weeks later.

It was three weeks later but there was no sign of the beings.

But the earth was prepared. And they all wanted the blood of the people responsible for all the damage. All that death.

And then the wave came.
The rebels were sighted in Russia.
Where they killed everyone they could with their new-found weaponry.
War broke.

Alex was consoling Laura as she cried about her husband leaving for Russia.

It had been just 3 days since the war broke out. But it seemed like a lifetime.

Everywhere in the world people were dying at the hand of the rebels. They U.N army was fighting as best as it could. But progress was slow. It took them 3 days more to flush out 90% of the rebels.

The ones left had holed up in a temple in Tibet.

They called for backup.

And backup arrived.

The 5 beings came from the heavens.
They came to the U.N building and they demanded to see the leaders.

While the visitors were moving up, they crossed floor 5. Where Alex was. Alex saw them, they looked like statues of the gods around 9 feet tall, wearing clothes that were highly unusual. 3 men and 2 women. All of them Looked unusually calm.

That can’t be good.

They met the leaders.
They said they’ll take half of the humans left to a new home and the rest could stay here on the dying earth.

They asked for them to meet every human personally and convince them off leaving.

And if they wouldn’t be allowed to do that, they would wage actual war and kill every single one of them.

Their demands were met. they proceeded to exit. They had said the rebels would be gone, and they’d come back in one month.

They crossed floor 5 again. Where a frail bearded man on a wheelchair blocked their path.the humans escorting the beings tried to push him out of the way. They begged the man to move but he didn’t.

Alex sat there in peace . He said he wanted to speak with the beings. But no one was listening. They couldn’t toss him aside because everyone was afraid of giving the beings a bad impression on case of them deciding weather or not to take them away.

One of the 5 moved forward and sat on the ground. He looked at Alex and said something in a language Alex didn’t know. But he understood every word.

It was weird. His words were sharp and kept echoing in Alex’s mind for a while. He had moved out of the way after the being had talked to him. But as he went away the man had placed his hand on Alex’s leg And said the pain will die.

And it had. Alex felt a lot better. He was the first to make physical contact with them. His leg was healing. He could feel it. He didn’t know the politics behind it but he felt that these beings were good. And the U.N was being a bunch of pricks for not agreeing with them.

Laura was shocked when she got the news.
She tried to talk to Alex but she was too shocked by the things he was saying.

In the evening, the board decided to speak with Alex about his actions.

They asked him A lot of questions and he gave a lot of answers. General things about his family. Address before the incidents. And his motive for the whole act and what the being had said to Alex.

Alex moved a little in his chair. He answered some questions. But his motivations were unknown even to him. and what the being had said seemed like a long lost memory.

The board was angry. They were furious, but it didn’t budge Alex. He was in a trance. What the spaceman said to him had left a very deep impact on him.

His leg felt almost completely healed by now. He tried to get up from the chair and speak.
He got up and spoke. He sounded confident and composed. Unlike his usual self his voice was thick and free of any slurs.

He told everyone that they should go along with their request. Everyone on earth has a right to either fight or flee. These beings would talk to us all. And the choice will be with the people. If we don’t do that. They’ll kill everyone.

The U.N refused to leave earth.
How could some aliens who killed millions be trusted?
Alex volunteered to be the mole.

This was not like him at all.
He liked keeping his head down.
How could he be a mole besides space men who could kill him with a flick of the wrist.

The contact had changed him.
He felt good about himself.
That feeling felt weird.

23 December 2018

The day came.
They. Came.

Alex was ready. He had been given basic training on how to use a gun. He had been exercising A lot for the past month.
He shaved his beard.

He was ready.

He wasn’t nervous. He was born for this.

They talked to everyone. Alphabetically.
Alex waited 4 days. He had to shave again.

His turn came.

They came in the room, they introduced them self as the nix. They said they were a group of celestial beings who travel galaxies in search of dying planets and rehabilitate the population years in advance.

Their methods were questionable but their website proved their intentions were good.

And everyone knows you can trust everything you read on the Internet.

They then gave Alex a choice. To either come with them or stay on earth

Almost half the people on earth Agreed. Including Alex.

Everyone who agreed to leave, was assembled in their vessel.

They were allotted bunkers. Families were given bigger ones.
Alex entered in a while into 1408.
His bunker.
It felt warm. Cozy. It felt like home.
There was a leaflet that instructed Alex to step into a cryogenic cubicle.

It was supposed to freeze him to sleep. To preserve him for the journey.

He decided to snoop around for a while.
He checked the bunker. It was clean, comfortable and almost pure. Seemed pretty good.

He took out the transmitter and a note Laura had given him.

“don’t break any limb”.
Classic Laura.

Alex went out of his bunker. Into a huge corridor. His steps echoed.
He kept walking.

In the distance he saw something that resembled a cockpit. He went into the room. The nix were Nowhere in sight.

He saw a screen and touched it.
Strange symbols appeared. He touched a button that looked like a text bubble. He saw various languages.
Must be a translator.

He saw various scripts. He found something that resembled English.

He clicked it.

He read gracias. Spanish. He found English under the same setting.

Well that was convenient.

There was a video on the screen. He played it. An ugly creature sat in a throne and gave speech. He used the translator and transmitted the data to earth.

Back at the U.N the board was assembled for Alex’s first data packet. An ugly king of some sort saying that he needed aid in war.
He pleaded.

Another video.
The 5 nix. Standing in a line being felicitated for outstanding social work.
These guys were the real deal.

The ships design.
Blueprints of gadgets that were light years ahead of an i phone.

The U.N immediately regretted not going with them. No one said anything But the silence said it all.

They sent Alex a message.

Alex had gotten all the info and set the language back to the one it originally was. He wore gloves. And he ran back to his room.

He took images of the room and the pods.

He stepped into the cryo pod. A voice said he was going to be asleep for 6 months.
The data had been transmitted.

Time passed.

And he woke up.
He was shaky. He got into bed and slept again. Oh the irony.

He woke up. To an alarm.
An alarm and a thud.

They had arrived to their destination. Alex transmitted the co-ordinates.

The nix appeared. Visibly tired.
They spoke systematically.
And asked everyone to step out.
Everyone moved.

Alex felt very good about himself today.
The nix stopped him.
The man he talked to earlier looked at him. And took his transmitter.

There was a message. It said,”thank you. Send more tech.”

He broke it.

The nix held him by the hands and took him back inside his room.

Alex waited for what seemed like a lifetime.

The nix came. All 5 of them.

One of them spoke in English.
He said,” you have disrespected us, we help you move from a planet that will be destroyed and you give us this?”

Alex tried to talk but one of the females started speaking,”rotan has healed your broken appendage, he could’ve killed you but he chose to save you, we give you everything and you spy on us, we are highly disappointed Mr. Rousseau we shall see weather or not you really deserve to go to sector 11’s human facility or not. ”

Alex spoke with resolve,” if you wanted to help us why did you kill so many of us. Why did you play with us.”

“to make sure that you people know what it would be like when the earth breaks on your little species, you ruined that planet, it was only time till it ruined you. If we came without the incidents you would’ve attacked us. You would’ve fired the radioactive missiles.” said the female.

Rotan spoke,” i told you something Alex. I told you everything. Your fellow humans are going to stay on earth. And soon the hunters will come for them. You saw the king, In the video, that king kills planets. He destroys civilization. And he does it as redemption.”

“Redemption against what?” inquired Alex.

They didn’t answer him.
Rotan held Alex by the neck. His grip tightened.
Alex couldn’t breathe.
His life flashed.

Rotan let go.

Alex gasped for breath and passed out

15 October 2031.

He woke up in room 1408.
The ship was headed back to earth. The screen in the cockpit told him.
It told him The ship was empty.
He was the only one there.
He got into the cryo pod and slept again.

He woke up. And tried to gain his balance.
The ship had landed right in front of the U.N building. The building was much more heavily guarded and seemed like it had been remodeled a lot.

He had only been gone for 1 year.
This was the work of decades.

He approached the gates and the guards parted At the very sight of him. He could hear his name being said.

He entered the building and went to the top floor.
He saw Laura. Visibly older. Her beauty had faded. He saw her husband. His hair grayed.

What the hell happened here?

Laura hugged him. Jack shook his hand. They gave him food and water. Asked him to freshen up and come to the floor 5 boardroom.

An hour later he was in the boardroom.
Laura and jack along with some members of the board sat there waiting to talk to him.

They talked. Alex listened.
They told him he was gone for 13 years.
But the Blueprints he sent them had been vital. That He was hailed as a hero on earth.
And when he failed to return he was declared dead but was given a hero’s send off. They told him about the spaceships and gadgets they were able to create from the few snaps he had sent.

They had averted the attack performed by the creature in the throne.

Many had died but that was a long time ago.
Earth was nearly back to normal now. Although it appeared like a futuristic movie being watched while tripping on acid.

They told him some scientific stuff. He didn’t get it.

But he had god like status now.

So he nodded in agreement.

Jack was now the president of the U.N.
Laura was a member of the board.

Alex exited the room and went out to meet the people gathered there.

15 October 2040

It had been nine years since he had returned.
The space travel had taken its toll finally.
He was only 45 minus the 13 years in cryo
He was 32 but his body didn’t feel normal at all.

He shrugged this feeling off every morning.
He kissed his wife and kids and went off to work.
He was now a member of the U.N board.

Laura had become president when jack retired.

It was a boring day at the office. He kept looking at a picture of his daughter on his hand held device. This technology wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for his data. This was a good life.

He had plans for dinner with Laura’s family. His wife Jane was gonna wear that dress he bought her in the winter last year.

It was gonna be a long night.

He locked his office put his head on the desk and dozed off with a smile on his face.

Life was good.

15th October 2031

He woke up in room 1408.
“What the hell?!”
He screamed, he had fallen asleep in the office. Where was that. Why was he back in the nix’s ship?
The ship was headed back to earth. The screen in the cockpit told him.
It told him The ship was empty.
Rotan looked at his ships computer.
“Alexander Rousseau,
Sentenced to a virtual reality prison for eternity.” said the screen.

Rotan sighed, he switched the screen off and out on some. Light music instead.


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