Rich, cool and handsome.

You just bought a pair of shoes for 5000 bucks.
You love them dont you?
How much was that jacket for?
What about that suit you’re gonna wear once?
45 Grand.


Thats how much most of the world earns in a month.

I bet you feel very privileged.
You really love your wardrobe dont you??

What about that watch?

Oh a 100K rolex.

You’re one of the 500 people in the world that own it?

Oh thats great.

You must be proud of yourself.

Did you ever wonder why you bought clothes worth so much that people could live for a year in its value.

Next time you’re shopping at zara
Realize that the $50 T-shirt is proof of the power a corporation has over you.

But you’re not spoilt or committing a sin.

This is who we are.


Targeted markets.

Number of sales.

Thats our legacy as a society.

Thats just what we are.

We made corporations.
And the corporations made us.

Go on order that dress.

Its in our blood.

We’re all the same.

Im writing this on an iPhone6

That’s the cost of my happiness.

What’s your cost??


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