Soooo done.

Life is like a box of m&ms .
It might have different colours and shades , but inside it always leaves you with that same taste in your mouth .

For some people its the taste of achievement.
For people like me its the taste of bitter disappointment.

I am not even kidding .

Everything ive ever done has left me disappointed and dissatisfied.

Im sure its the same for a lot of people .

You try your best .
You get first prize .
But you just aren’t happy with it .

Never .

You talk to someone for 6 hours and in the end say something that makes them cut the phone angrily .

And you don’t even realise what happened.

It might be because mostly you hate people and everyone around you .

You start blogging with grit and determination and your phone says 10% battery left .

If given a choice between the old glass is half full or half empty . You freaking hate the glass .

Im no saying that this is a bad thing .
No .
Its actually pretty good .

The cynicism , the negativity kind of take things to whole new level .

I don’t know what that level is but im assuming its shitty.

So you know what . Damn you for taking precious time to read this .

Im not gonna make any sense right now because im angry and very very very nervous.
So eff you and your feelings .
God dammit i hate you .

And yes when im mad i say the truth.
And if hurts you well then boo freaking hoo .
I am not going to change .

Im sorry for the detour



Getting back on track …

And if you’re as cynical as i am .
Remember that its ok . Thats just who you are.

There’s probably a reason for you being that unhappy .

Find it.

And destroy it.

Watch it burn .

Peace out.

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