The prime.

It comes it goes .

Greatness is virtual .
Its all upto how you perceive it.
I started out as a guy crying about his ex.

That was a year ago.

1 year.


Now im a guy crying about everything.

Very amaze
Much growth.
Such change.

So Its been a great year
An absolute delight . I made a lot of promises to myself and completed them . I found someone good . And kicked a few bad habits .

I realised writing is something i love .

My goals changed . My life changed .

Im not gonna be thankful for all the good 2014 has done to me, id rather say goodbye and show the bird to the bad things.

Descend your baggage , forget the past and eat some cabbage.

We’re another year closer to the end .

So take a step forward , even if you wanna hold on to the past , you know you cant . So let yourself go Live laugh have fun party and use commas.

Go forth into the abyss , nothing is as seductive as the unknown


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