On my way

Im on a journey from point A to B
A journey that will be boring and sort of srupid.

Now there’s many possibilities for going from A to B

I could board a train
I could catch a bus
I could drive
I could ride
I could walk
I could teleport
Or i could not go at all

I chose the second one ( No ₹₹₹₹ lulz)

So i went to Kashmiri gate
I looked for a volvo
I found it
It was full


I boarded an “ordinary bus”

According to the Fuckworth and screwit formula

Im done.

I looked at the date in me watch

7th Feb 2015

That Holds some significance

I made a call, and it was great.

I Got in the blue tinted blues wagon.
Apparently the blue guy with blue house and the blue window belongs here.

I talked to her.

I realized something, something i somehow always realize.

I forgot it.

And now im writing fir no apparent reason

“insert emotional quote here”

Its funny.

We gave such a short tenure in the cockpit of existance its funny how easily we can let the good times slip by

Im complaining about being in a shitty bus

While i could be appreciating the value of the fresh sweat infused air constantly making me regret my life’s decisions


Well crap.


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