The silent auction for peace ended without buyers
He was sure he posted all the flyers

Nobody saw them he guessed
Nobody cares anymore he confessed

In a world of violence and make believe
How can you possibly make someone believe

His Love is held too close
Hate is out in the open
Peace for them is up for sale
Violence is a family tradition

His actions ruined everything
The drinking didnt help
A mark on the womans brow was something he would never forget.

He looked at his hands, tired and old
Carvers of a fable from a long time ago
He sighed and poured himself another
The father hadn’t helped neither had the bible
It’s the drink of the lord Thats According to his gospel


2 thoughts on “Apathy

  1. You aren’t that bad. Some corrections here and there will be good. And you’re so freaking cute. I saw you in Gargi and I almost had a heart attack. Your hair,the lazy smile, the tattoo in your hand. Only if..


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