The malana misdirection

Friendships are important,
Its bery important to take care of them,
And if there is anything in this world that can make me lose a friend is my big mouth.

I dont appreciate privacy sometimes
I say stuff that i shouldn’t
Infront of people who shouldn’t know
And its isn’t a problem till your best friend starts drifting away because of it.

It isn’t a problem till no one trusts you with anything.

Being a guy with no emotional connections
I try my best to gel in with everyone

Because if i am my natural self at any given point. All of you would hate me.
Not a lot of people know the real me.
The angry me.
The me that doesn’t give a shit about anyone except his comfort.

So i write this today as an open apology
Im sorry if ive ever broken your trust
I really am

Trust me im done.


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